sidelined / unsatisfied

I had been searching for awhile, it wasn’t what I wanted to find, not what I had in mind. oh please tell me why is the truth so hard to find? and was it my heart or my eyes that guided me so blind? and why am I sidelined? and why are you so unsatisfied? loving you was just a slow suicide.

alternative lives / alternate minds

we can only be pictures that we’ve seen. we’ll continue to be in the webs that we weave. but you can’t see alternative lives from an alternate mind. you can watch our movies but you cannot write the scenes. you watch and you’ll see you can’t change me.

limitless / unconfined

I’ll meet you at the bottom. disembodied hearts as our whole world falls apart. dig ourselves deep to the ground. oh tell me tell me what have you found. step into the outside. these open skies are lifelines. show me what I cannot find. limitless and unconfined. we’ve come so far. we don’t know where we are. with great persistence we’ll make it home. learning from missteps along the distance.

sleep / less

sun peak. dead sleep. night is young and softly sung. our lives are not eternal, our younger days will dissolve. earth will not always revolve, let’s make the best of it all. sleepless sheep come count with me. I would run and hide, but I don't know where to go. maybe somewhere quiet; where darkness is home. late at night I lay awake. sleepless sheep come count with me. moon and stars don’t seem to mind. dusk through dawn will quickly fade away.

photos fade

truth is, truth is, photos fade. people change but memories always stay. you and I know we both are growing old. you and me both know good friends are hard to let go. we’ll grow old like evergreens; spread our roots and grow new leaves. so stand tall against the breeze; blend right in amongst the trees. I guess the timing wasn’t right, and two alike minds misalign. you might lose your life, burning out a light. surgically be left heartless. with blinding eyes, and no power lines. so try and fight, try and try fight the darkness.

the climb

I want to show you the climb, and I wanna show you my faults. so when I'm gone and I’m fading off, you'll be there to catch me mid fall. I’m not afraid of the heights. I’m not afraid of this life. I’m not afraid of the end of the light, and I’m not afraid of the climb.

oceans deep

we’re oceans deep. we’ll die to breathe. but summit’s peak, it’s not out of reach. from plastic trees and fake sceneries: we’re oceans deep we’ll die to breathe. we’re oceans deep and we’re drowning you know. you’re living a cold death, but you’re not alone. we’re broken inside and it’s all that we know. we’re oceans deep, but we’re not alone. drowning I’ll take my last breath. I'll die knowing I did my best.

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